E-Cutout Kit with Flowtech (2.5" shown)
Dual E-Cutouts with Flowtech's (2.5" shown)

Available Sizes:


adjustable exhaust Supported

$199 Free shipping
$179 Without Flowtech Race Ready
$360 Free Shipping
$320 Without Flowtech's

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How it works: DMH Electric Cutouts are designed to better your cars performance and feel.  The cutout works by welding into your stock or modified exhaust.  They can be placed anywhere after the headers.  To open the cutout you press a switch, which opens cutout, releasing your exhaust.  This enables you to bypass your muffler, increasing horsepower and giving your car an extremely throaty rumble.  Click one of the movies on our "Photo Gallery" page to see and hear the cutout in action!

Movie Close-up of Cutout