"This is the coolest modification I have ever purchased.  I would recommend it to anyone."
-Brent Lillard, Madison VA (Camaro Z28)


Just installed a pair of the e-cutouts on my 55 Chevy Bel Air.  The system works like a charm.  I am capable of remotely opening the cutouts from a switch located on the dash. These cutouts allow me to change the level of exhaust noise from normal exhaust to wide open in a matter of seconds.  This really blows peoples minds when I demonstrate how the cutouts work. Would recommend this system to anyone with a street rod or performance type vehicle.
Barry Manili


Hi, I recently purchased and installed your cutout and absolutely LOVE IT. i own a Turbo Diesel VW golf and when open, it really spools up the turbo quicker than ever before, makes turbo spool up much louder and gives off an engine sound i didnt think would be possible out of this car. Thanks again for the product and i have recommended it to a couple of my friends. 
  Joe (Toronto, Canada)

These are some pictures of the install on my '04 CTS-V. I am thrilled with the exhaust. Notice the 45* downpipes my exhaust guy fabricated. With these, there is absolutely NO resonation at any RPM at any level of opening. It sounds awesome. I am going to post these with a write up on cadillacforums.com this weekend. Thanks,
David Wise


One of the cheapest and most effective modifications around!!! No more cops or people hassling you for having a big muffler.. No more neighbours complaining... Instant power at the flick of a switch. Basically.. a flick of the switch allows you to switch from truck... stock.. truck.. stock.. truck. AWESOME!! also.. service is great too.. 4 yrs warranty, you cant beat that!
(Galant VR4) Australia


Dave - I Installed 3" Dual Ecut-outs on my 72 Chevelle 454 yesterday.  WOW! What a rush! Now my Chevelle sounds like I wanted it to. Just too kool for words. Your Ecut-outs are the best!  I've compared yours to other competitors and let me say, "You beat them hands down!" Wiring is clean and easy to install and the valves are engineering excellence.  You have given Hot-Rod enthusiasts a great and exciting product.  Keep up the good work. Thanks,
Rudy Pyrek (Warren, Mi.)


Single handedly the coolest modification to my car. You should see the faces of people when I open up the downpipe and sound like and eighteen wheeler semi. Also makes the turbo spool up noticibly quicker. Awesome product quality, and great warranty, Highly recomended.
Very happy customer in Colorado (2001 Honda Prelude Turbo)


I tried cable pull cutouts and they leaked and clattered horribly, DMH Ecutouts dont leak at all and are just awsome.  Especially with having a huge 10" lifted truck these cutouts make it a true Beast!
Ricky Wilson Cornelius (NC -- 95' Chevrolet Silverado Z71)


Hello David,   I purchased an electric cut out 2 weeks ago fir my Camaro Z28. I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your product and your help with my questions I asked. Keep up the good work I will recommend you product to every one that is looking for an electric plate. Thank You,
Chris Cozzo

Quick and easy installation. Its a real attention getter at the shows and out crusing. My National is really quiet thru the pipes. Now with a flick of a switch that really changes. I keep it just cracked open out driving and you can really hear the turbo (TA-49) whining.
Keith LaCombe,  Normal, Illinois (1986 Buick Grand National)


Installed two 3" cutouts on my 7.4l Suburban. Along with the DMH cutouts, I installed a new Flowmaster exhaust system. I would like to say that the workmanship is TOP notch. This goes too for the wiring harness! The intial start-up (following the directions)stated to leave the cut-outs closed. The nice rumble of the Flowmaster made me proud, and to boot no exhaust leaks!! After 15mins, I shut the truck down let her cool. The next step was to test to cut outs. After the start up I opened the cut outs, within seconds I unleashed a beast of a sound!! Don't know if anyone has heard a big blocked uncorked, but it awe inspiring!! And as fast as I opened them the valve closed to a nice rumble. GREAT product.................and fun too!!!
Steve Quiaoit 1999 7.4l K2500 4x4 Suburban -- Bolingrook, IL --Wide Open Throttle Racing


We have looking for something to give us the edge. We have put them on five cars so far. 05' E-250, 04' F-150, 01' Mustang GT, 71 LTD and 65' mustang. Everyone was extremly happy with the added fun to their cars. We are looking foward to doing more. DMH has given us a high quality part.
Happy Customer


Excellent, high quality, easy to install product.  Go from stock exhaust to a powerful and aggressive note and back again with a flick of a switch from inside your car. Amazing, I love it.
David, Harrisburg PA (Audi S4)


This unit is awesome. I love it. The quality is great and so also the performance. Not to forget the fast shipping. Sounds great when open.
Phillp -- Woodbridge,VA


Between the convenience, quality, and service these things are so awesome!  You wouldn't believe the difference in personality it gives my car with the push of the switch, not to mention the dyno proven 17 hp gain.
Troy Kroll (TK 14 SS) - Sheboygan, WI - www.tk14ss.cz28.com


Thanks so much Dave for all your help. My stealth 2003 Civic SI now has 240hp at the wheels. Up a whopping 30hp from the 210 before the mod. Along with the power is the distinctive high pitched whine of my Greddy Turbo, along with the deepest rumble I've ever heard from an inline 4.


I love the cutouts. I have them on a 1969 chevy camaro with a 454. All my friends want a set now. You can see the car and the cut outs on my page go to www.cardomain.com/memberpage/769250
Another Happy Customer


My brother and I recently installed a pair of DMH cutouts on our 68 Big Block Camaros Duane has a 427 and I have a 454. The sound produced with the cutouts opened is like running with open headers. The responce from people when I open them at a red light is just too cool! I took mine to a car show on Saturday and had a crowd gathered before I could get it parked. Every one was amazed at the sound that Big Rat was putting out and had never seen electric cutouts before. I am so glad I found DMH on the web, your elec cutouts are one of the greatest things anyone could install on a Muscle Car.
Al Brock -- Lakeland, Florida -- 1968 Camaro SS 454


I love the cutout. Theres nothing like pulling up to a corvette or mustang and revving up with it closed and having them laugh at you, and then opening it up and blowing them away!  Everyone at my school is amazed too ha!
Scott --'04 Silverado (5.3)


The installation of your cutouts were a snap and they really added to that meanness in my 79 trans am 400 4 spd and you can also feel the diifence as you rev it thanks for making a such a wonderful product.
Happy Customer


Awesome sound, easy install.  Very fun to "play with"!  The service I got when I called to order was outstanding!
Nick, 02 Camaro Z-28


Dave, I just completed installing the 2 1/2" cutouts on my '01 Saleen and the difference they make is rather surprising.  Going to Dyno it this weekend to see what difference it really made.  Great job and great product!
Randy -- Spring, TX


I have just installed the cutout on my 04 Hemi the wiring was very simple and the results were more than expected.  I wouldn't trade it for anything, love the sound! Thanks DMH performance!!!
Happy Customer


Perfect product! Very Intemidating! The best part is, they were easy to install!
Very very happy customer from Georgia


This prodoct is great I have it on my 66 Mustang and whenever somone pulls up to me at a light and revs up to show off all i have to do is flip the switch and they are drooling. Its a must buy!
Steve Meier St. Clair MI. (1966 mustang)

All I can say is WOW. I love my new DMH cut-outs! They were easy to install and don't leak like others ny friends have tried. They sound great and the best part was that I could controll the volume of them with the switch.
Zach C. of Georgia (1970 Chevelle)

I installed your cutouts and they make a great difference.  The only thing that I had trouble with is that the wiring to the cutouts was abut 5" short and I had to go through the floor. Great product.
Mike Hoffer from Columbus, Ohio


These are the most best things I've ever put on my exhaust!  They are so fun when you crusin next to somebody, then open up the cut outs and floor it!  You should see the look on people's face!
Happy Customer


I have had a pair of 2-1/2" installed for almost a year now on my 1986 Crown Vic.  Even with a crate engine, performance wide ratio AOD, Detroit rear end, the DMH Cut-outs steal the show every time, and are my favorite part!!  They sound great, and they seal great too!!  No exhaust leak sounds, just silence when you want it, and the earth shattering rumble when you need it! :-)  Check out my vids of them in action! 

These dumps are the definition of bolt on and play.  I had a harder time installing my light bar becasue with DHM all of the wireing comes complete.  LOVE IT!  Thanks DHM for thinking of the little guy!
Another thrilled customer in Anaheim, California ("84 Dodge RamCharger)


Here is a Thread I posted on the SSR FANATICS FORUM. I call the setup my FUN BUTTON.http://www.ssrfanatic.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7208 Let me know if you would like some jpgs of the install.


I have had them on for 2 months and I love them. People ask me all the time were did you get them and they look at them the best part is at a car show or at a red light. it is like a new world just open up under your hood. And I can tell a diff. in power when I use them. Good job Dave.
jason coleman  gerogetown, ky   1969 chevy camaro ss 454 500+hp





I can't tell you the number of times people crawl under my car to see the electric cutouts.  It's so easy, just push the button. Great job Dave.
Dennis Kunnath, Shelby Twp., MI (70 Chevelle SS454)



I've had mine on my 1996 Impala SS for a while now, they were easy to install, easy to use and just plain cool when your sitting next to
someone at a light and you open up your exhaust.
Mike Zilinski, Montrose MI (Impala SS)

By far the coolest addition to my car. Great fit, great sound, great performance...definitely a must have!
-Justin Giroir, Houma LA (95' Mustang GT)


I have had the cut-outs on my car now for a complete summer and they've been working quite well. I had the car on a chassis dyno and just opening them up gave me an honest 19 rwhp!! Awesome! Every now and then the little bolts have come loose but that is simple to fix. Good product and extremely fun!
-David Schmidt
-- '81 Camaro


I recently purchased and installed the 3" e-cutout and am very pleased. After comparing the DMH product to a few others the difference in quality was easy to see.  The butterfly opens much quicker then others I've seen and seals much better.
Billy Hamblin, Tampa. Fl.  (2002 Subaru WRX)


The installation was easy it took about 2 hrs to do it all. People you would not believe the sound and power that the cut-outs makes. This is the best invention since sliced bread.
Very happy and satisfied customer in Missouri





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